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No. SID2: Optimal Finance Investing™ – Strategies based on No. D2 (USA) Research

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Item # SID2

Current No. SID2 PDF Strategy Report (Includes SID1)
Dec. 23, 2008 (Revised every Tuesday)

  • SID2 Strategy Goal: Based directly on the updated revisions of the foundational research, D2 Optimal Finance Research™ (USA) Moderate Investing , our USA research analysts have identified, at the time of this No. SID2 Optimal Investing report, the following bulleted items that include strategies and securities exhibiting potentially favorable investing characteristics.
  • Investable securities (ETFs) identified for the following strategies:

    Bullish (from consolidation with momentum), Bearish (from consolidation with momentum), Overbought and/or Oversold in a trading market, Possible Top and/or Possible Bottom in a trending market.

    In all strategies, hold your position until your chosen exit stop has been triggered (then come back to us for another security :-)). If you’re interested, further study of strategies, including ones with capital protective exit stops, can be found at the following sites: At Strategies: From A To Z at Strategies: By Type and at Strategies: Full Systems.
  • SID2 Strategic Categories: Because this report contains the results from No. SID1: Optimal Finance Investing™ – Strategies based on No. D1 (USA) Research Revisions, it provides an extended strategy report of investable securities (ETFs) on the following macro to micro categories:

    Economic Business Cycle (optimal securities for economic expansions and economic contractions), Monetary System (inflation, deflation, interest rates, yields), Financial Markets (USA), Sectors (industries), Securities (etfs measuring cash, commodities & real estate, bonds, stocks), Style (compare: growth, value), Size (compare: large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, micro-cap), Weighting (compare: market cap, fundamental earnings, equal).

  • Because SID2 also contains the analysis from SID1, it may take a few moments to open (viewable sample from the gold “PDF Sample Report” link below) or to download (purchased report).

[View SID2 PDF Sample Report]

Sample Report: Dec. 11, 2008

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