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No. SID6: Optimal Finance Investing™ – Strategies based on No. D6 (Int'l) Research

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Item # SID6

Current No. SID6 PDF Strategy Report (Includes SID5)
Dec. 23, 2008 (Revised every Tuesday)

  • SID6 Strategy Goal: Based directly on the updated revisions of the foundational research, D6 Optimal Finance Research™ (International) Aggressive Investing , our international research analysts have identified, at the time of this No. SID6 Optimal Investing report, the following bulleted items that include strategies and securities exhibiting potentially favorable investing characteristics.
  • Investable securities (ETFs) identified for the following strategies:

    Bullish (from consolidation with momentum), Bearish (from consolidation with momentum), Overbought and/or Oversold in a trading market, Possible Top and/or Possible Bottom in a trending market.

    In all strategies, hold your position until your chosen exit stop has been triggered (then come back to us for another security :-)). If you’re interested, further study of strategies, including ones with capital protective exit stops, can be found at the following sites: At Strategies: From A To Z at Strategies: By Type and at Strategies: Full Systems.
  • SID6 Strategic Categories: Because this report contains the results from No. SID5: Optimal Finance Investing™ – Strategies based on No. D5 (Int’l) Research Revisions , it provides an extended strategy report of investable securities (ETFs) on the following macro to micro categories:

    Countries (with established financial markets), Countries (with emerging financial markets), Financial Markets (global), Sectors (industries), Commodities (agriculture, energy, metals, materials), Currencies, Leveraged Securities (etfs measuring margined bull (long, or purchased), and margined bear (short, or sold)), Securities (etfs measuring commodities, currencies, bonds, stocks), Style (compare: growth, value), Size (compare: large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, micro-cap), Weighting (market cap, fundamental earnings, equal), Global vs. International (compare: with USA, without USA).

  • Because SID6 also contains the analysis from SID4 and SID5, it may take a few moments to open (viewable sample from the gold “PDF Sample Report” link below) or to download (purchased report).

[View SID6 PDF Sample Report]

Sample Report: Dec. 11, 2008

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