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Bookstore (1): Strategic Finance Research & Analysis Macro to Micro
Like the sources chosen in "Free: Finance Education," and "Free: Finance Videos (1)," the books chosen for this section match the overall Macro-Country to Micro-Company site theme.

Using securely encrypted checkout procedures, Yahoo E-Commerce powers the shopping cart for the SCR financial PDF reports, and Amazon.com powers the shopping cart for "Edu: Bookstore (1)" and "Edu: Bookstore (2)." All other investment research materials on SCR are provided free for your use.

The SCR Analysts.

Bookstore (1): Strategic Capital Research at Amazon.com Site Link

Optimal Finance Research & Analysis of Macro-Country to Micro-Company: Books-Electronic (Kindle publications downloaded from Amazon.com) & Hard Copy
Strategic Capital Research at Amazon.com

Bookstore Categories: Strategic Capital Research at Amazon.com
Both Electonic-Kindle & Hard Copy Selections Provided

Bookstore (1) Categories Bookstore (2) Categories
Macro-Countries (Politics & Money) Finance-Business: Teach Kids Business
Macro-Economic Business Cycles Finance-Business: Investing
Macro-Monetary Systems Finance-Personal: Teach Kids Money Mgt
Macro-Financial Markets Finance-Personal: Money Management
Macro-Sector: Telecom & Services Finance-Personal: Planning Workbooks
Macro-Sector: Technology Investing: Stocks & Bonds
Macro-Sector: Industrials Investing: Mutual Funds
Macro-Sector: Materials Investing: Commodities
Macro-Sector: Energy Investing: Futures & Options
Macro-Sector: Consumer Staples Investing: Real Estate
Macro-Sector: Health Care Trading: Stocks & Commodities
Macro-Sector: Utilities Trading: Foreign Exchange
Macro-Sector: Financials Trading: Futures & Options
Macro-Sector: Consumer Cyclical Trading: Money Management
Micro-Companies (Mgt & Valuation) Trading: Risk Management
Micro-Investment Strategies Trading: Systems & Strategies
Micro-Investment Portfolios Trading: Trends & Forecasting

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Optimal Finance Analysis (Macro to Micro) USA, Global (includes USA) & International (excludes USA) by style, size, sector, asset class, weight, time, and technique: Stocks, bonds, ETFs (over 85 per report), commodities, currencies, companies, international & emerging markets, real estate. Methods: Econometric, Technical, and Fundamental. Sign-up below for our Free Finance Research List: Be the first to see the revisions Be the first to use the free excerpts! Private and exclusive investment research is frequently sent to our list subscribers (our way of saying "thanks" :-))