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SCR: World Markets

Strategic Capital Research (SCR): World Markets & Global Securities
Financial Investing and/or Trading Research & Analysis with Strategies

Whether directly or indirectly, all of our strategies begin with the dominant, and global, economic picture identified during the macro level revisions of the foundational reports at “SCR: Finance R&A;.” Simply put, there are times when different asset classes, in different geographical areas, make better investments.

In this section, using both investable ETFs and individual securities, we apply our research, analyses, and strategies to globally based securities traded on the World Markets. In doing so, our aim is to provide globally diverse investing and/or trading strategies that also have the same extensive characteristics as our research: a range that stretches across countries, a depth that studies from macro–country to micro–company, and a breadth that analyzes by style (value, growth), by size (large-cap, medium-cap, small-cap), by sector (and industry), by strategy (momentum, overbought & oversold, price divergence, rotation (asset & sector), relative strength, performance, long & short), by asset class (bonds, stocks, commodities, currencies, real estate), by weighting (equal, fundamental earnings, market cap.), by time (long-term, medium-term, short-term), and finally, by technique (econometrics, technicals, and fundamentals).

– AND provide the above without requiring a REALLY expensive subscription. Thus, like buying an upgrade to get away from a yappy coworker on a transnational flight, purchase only what you need when you need it.

The SCR Analysts.

On this “SCR: World Mkts” page you will find strategies applied to diverse securities traded on various World Markets. We apply the same research, analyses, and strategies used in our USA based reports to globally diversified securities. Bookmark This Page!

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